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It’s the 2nd Annual Hood River Music Month!

Featuring numerous musical events, this multi-week celebration includes everything from classical, jazz, acoustic, indie, rock and bluegrass performances to musicals, film and lectures. Almost a dozen Hood River venues – including wineries, cideries, breweries, pubs, theaters, hotels, and restaurants – welcome music-lovers of all ages.

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Hood River Hard-Pressed Cider Fest

Hood River Valley’s hard cider scene is exploding. These craft cider makers source the apples, pears and other fruits from the 440+ local orchardists, creating ciders that truly give you a taste of Hood River, and place the region at the forefront of the new national hard cider movement.

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Welcome to Hood River County

You’ll find the best of the outdoors, lodging, shopping, food, breweries, orchards and more.

Celebrate Blossom Time in Hood River

Celebrate Blossom Time in Hood River With world-class wildflower hikes and fruit blossom displays, Hood River, Oregon welcomes spring with open arms. Snow in the Hood River Valley has melted away, and its 14,000 acres [...]

Three Cider-Centered Days in Hood River

Three Cider-Centered Days in Hood River Long known for its rolling hills of fruit orchards and its craft beer scene, the Hood River Valley is experiencing the fermentation craze making its way across the [...]

Introducing The Chamber Post

Introducing The Chamber Post It’s said in the Chamber of Commerce industry that our organizations have a unique address at the intersection of enterprise and government. It’s a little snooty for my taste, but [...]

We are dedicated to promoting the economic prosperity and livability of Hood River County. The chamber accomplishes this mission by demonstrating regular, sustained success in four pillars of an influential chamber of commerce:

  • Promoting the Community

  • Creating a Strong Local Economy

  • Leading the Business Community

  • Providing Opportunities to Build Business Relationships