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The people of Hood River County are bonded by much more than proximity. The land and water that surround us, the mountains that stand guard over us, they shape a part of each person that calls this place “home.”

Ann Fleming

Since the founding of the towns of Hood River and Cascade Locks a century ago, the residents of this County relied on each other to provide when resources were scarce or threats were near. These communities of orchardists, loggers, entrepreneurs, and homesteaders valued self-reliance and community service; those values are at the heart of Hood Riverites to this day.

It is hard not to brag when the photo taken out your backdoor could be a postcard, but instead of showing off, we invite you to join in. The gorge is our playground, Mount Hood is our constant companion, and each season brings a new set of outdoor adventures or indoor pleasures.

Artists crafting in all medium have come to Hood River where inspiration waits perpetually around the next turn. Entrepreneurs and small business owners set up shop here to provide their families and employees with a quality of life and livability found almost nowhere else in the country.

Hood River County cannot be captured in a photograph or a thousand words. You are just going to have to come join us. Pull up a barstool at one of the breweries, cast your line in the Columbia, carve fresh lines on Mount Hood—whatever your scene or style, we have it, and we are anxious to introduce you to all that this little county with a large reputation has to offer.

Arts & Culture

To explore Hood River’s arts and culture scene, start at the Hood River History Museum, located near the Hood River Marina.

History & Heritage

From notable landmarks such as the Barlow Road, which took pioneers along the Oregon Trail up and over Mt. Hood to the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway, which is being restored mile by mile, you don’t have to travel far within Hood River County to feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Weddings, Meetings, and Special Events

Hood River’s close proximity to the Portland International Airport also makes it a favorite among families, companies and others seeking a crowd-pleasing setting for their special event or occasions. With dramatic features such as snow-capped Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams and the basalt cliffs of the Columbia Gorge serving as backdrops, it’s no surprise that Hood River County is becoming a wildly popular destination for couples ready to tie the knot.