Hood River Valley Blossom Time

Thank you for visiting Hood River County

April 11-26, 2015

Nothing says spring quite like fruit trees in bloom, and – with its acres upon acres of cherry, apple and pear orchards (the area produces fifty percent of the nation’s winter pear crop) – Hood River County is Oregon’s epicenter for spring blossoms and the perfect place for the winter-weary to come welcome the season and experience the valley’s thriving agricultural scene.

Hood River Valley marks the arrival of spring with its annual Blossom Time, a three-week-long celebration with special events across the region.

The celebration’s main stars – the beautiful pink and white fruit tree blossoms – line the Hood River Fruit Loop. This gorgeous 35-mile tour route is the centerpiece of Blossom Time, with more than 20 farm stands and wineries along the Loop getting in on the fun with special events and offers.

For specific events, the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce produces the Blossom Time Guide to help visitors navigate the gorgeous drive along the loop of the Hood River County Scenic Tour Route. Events typically include a Blossom Time Craft Show, Blossom Time Quilt Show, a farm “pansy party,” a grange blossom dinner, and a fire department all-you-can-eat breakfast. Visitors can also get a real “taste” of the Gorge at several wine and beer-tasting events.The Blossom Time tour route is 47 miles long and averages about 1.25 hours.

The Hood River Valley Blossom Time kicks off on Saturday, April 11 with the Hood River Hard-Pressed Cider Fest.For more information, go to hoodriver.org/hard-pressed-cider-fest.

The Blossom Time Guide, with a listing of all Blossom Time events around the Hood River Valley, will be available online after March 1, 2015. E-mail admin@hoodriver.org to join our Blossom Time mailing list.

What to Do:

  • Visitors to the area will want to drive the world-famous 35-mile scenic Fruit Loop through the beautiful Upper Valley filled with blooming orchards of apple, pear, and cherry trees—as well as farm stands, alpacas, wineries, and unparalleled scenery.
  • Come check out the events listed below.
  • Take a stroll through the Heights and Hood River downtown to shop, wine, and dine.
  • Visit the waterfront, the waterfalls, and the great outdoors during your stay—hike, bike, stand-up paddleboard, ski, tube, snowboard, sled.
  • Relax and enjoy the scenery.

e-mail: admin@hoodriver.org to join our Blossom Fest mailing list  The Hood River County Chamber Board voted to make all Hood River County Chamber of Commerce events tobacco and smoke free as of June 1, 2013.  Signage will be posted at all event sites. Ready to Quit? 1.800.QUITNOW  1.855.DEJELO-YA No Smoking - HRCCCF