Introducing The Chamber Post

It’s said in the Chamber of Commerce industry that our organizations have a unique address at the intersection of enterprise and government. It’s a little snooty for my taste, but behind the chamber-speak is the right idea; we are positioned at the corner of our working lives and our civilian lives. That position allows us a unique vantage point—one of great value to our community and our economy.

From where we sit as a chamber, we are elevated enough (metaphorically speaking) to see beyond the limited perspective of any one business or industry. The best interests of the community and economy at large are not aligned with the self-interests of any one group. A chamber is the representative and champion of what is best for a community.

In order to best run your business, you know you need to be diligently focused on the opportunities and issues before you. Let us spend the time gathering stories, information, trends, analysis, research, and perspectives, while you run your business. When you have the time in your busy day, this blog will be here as a trusted resource.

The Hood River County Chamber of Commerce is a hub of information and feedback from local businesses, government officials, and community members. We present and represent Hood River’s image far beyond our borders as we promote this community; we hear day in and day out from our local government, businesses, and community leaders, and we share that with you.

Whether it’s a local Hood River topic or a national business trend with impact here at home, this is a forum for exploration of the issues impacting your business and our community. Do you have an idea, article, or subject you think we should hear about? Write to us; we are always looking to hear from you: our community and our members.