via Pacific Power:

Diversity generates power in communities

Pacific Power is committed to increasing the company’s business relationships with historically underrepresented and diverse suppliers – businesses owned by minorities, women or disabled veterans, and emerging small businesses.PacificPower-AprilNewsletter-WorldofRespect-image

The company is dedicated to fostering an inclusive procurement process that is accessible and fair to all suppliers based on their ability to meet the company’s performance, price and quality requirements.

“Building relationships with a wide and diverse range of businesses in the communities we serve not only reinforces our company and community values, it supports local economies, fosters competition and introduces new suppliers, which can bring innovation and flexibility to our supplier base,” said Jeremy Courval, Pacific Power labor relations director.

“Pacific Power is strongly committed to embrace diversity in all aspects of our organization, from our talented employees to the businesses we partner with to supply the products and services we need,” added president and CEO Pat Reiten.

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