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To the south, Oregon’s highest point, Mount Hood, keeps a steady vigil over the Hood River Valley. The glaciers on her quintessential mountain peak fill the rivers and streams that fall from her shoulders, fertilizing the flowering orchards and deep lush canyons that shape Hood River County. She helps to keep us dry in the summer, and on the darkest of winter days, she is gateway to the sunshine and bluebird skies.

Zach Dischner

The Historic Columbia River Highway and I-84 cut parallel, winding paths through the gorge along the river. Trains run on both sides of the river, past kiteboarders, boaters, standup paddlers and logging tugs.

From Mount Hood’s summit at over 11,000 feet, the morning sun casts a perfect pyramid-shaped shadow over huge swaths of Oregon. The mountain has been a source of recreation and an inspiration to explorers for as long as people have marveled at her beauty. Winters bring endless opportunities to play and summers offer the chance to explore the reaches of this monumental peak by car, bike, and foot.

On the northern county border, the Columbia River marks the halfway point between two majestic volcanoes, Mount Hood and Mount Adams. The Columbia River Gorge was created eons ago as the river carved through the Cascades. In 1986 it became the country’s first National Scenic Area. Today, it remains the largest.

Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge are much more than monuments to the natural beauty of the Northwest. They are hubs of recreation, commerce, and culture. They shape the area’s weather and environment, and in so doing, they shape a large part of what makes Hood River County so special.

Snow Sports

Ski, board, or sled. Whether you’re a cross-country skier, snowshoer, snowboarder, alpine skier, or downhill sledding fanatic, the snowsport season in Hood River County meets all your needs. Below find information about businesses that will hook you up with gear and information about places to play in the snow.


Come out for a ride. We love riding bikes in Hood River County — on a road through orchards with double-mountain views, and on miles and miles of single-track on county and federal lands. Whether grabbing a weekend workout, or an after-work ride to our favorite brewery for a drink with friends: we love it all.


Take a hike. Hiking in Hood River is one of our favorite pastimes; it’s family-friendly, dog-friendly, great exercise, and the options are endless. From stunning Gorge views to mountain meadows, waterfalls to wildflowers, day hikes to overnighters, easy to strenuous, there’s something for everyone who wants to do a little hiking in Hood River County.


Stay with us awhile. Whatever your camping style: tent, trailer, on horseback, by foot, or by car we’ve got something for you in Hood River County. There are acres and acres of National Forest with multiple campgrounds, RV-parks, dispersed camping, and even rustic cabin rentals. Be sure to check out the RV and Campsites section of our Traveler’s Guide to see local businesses that can help you out. For other options, and to learn more, use the links below.

Rock Climbing

Hang with us. Rock climbing is one of the favorite sports in the Columbia Gorge. There are many local crags and routes located just minutes away from downtown Hood River. With Smith Rocks, possibly the greatest rock climbing in America and maybe even the world, only a couple hours away. Hood River is a home to many world-class climbers like Mark Hudon and Kay Kuchera. From careful beginners to crags that challenge the pros, the climbing opportunities are diverse and many here in the Gorge.