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Michael Peterson


Since the town’s inception, downtown Hood River has been the cultural and commercial capital of Hood River County and the Columbia River Gorge. The historic buildings that add so much charm to the downtown streets today are, in many cases, the same ones that housed the first settlers and shop keepers of Hood River.

The boutiques, shops, restaurants, galleries, and outfitters that comprise Hood River’s downtown businesses provide the highest levels of customer service, and they dispense some of the best local’s only knowledge you can find. Head downtown for a gallery opening, to sip wine with a friend, or to find the perfect jacket for your next adventure, and take a few extra minutes next time you wander Oak or Cascade to read the historic placards on display outside of the town’s first buildings.

Hood Riverites take a great deal of pride in the inviting nature and impeccable cleanliness of our downtown, and we are excited to share our home with you.

Adam LaPierre

The Waterfront

The Waterfront of Hood River is perhaps the most transformed region in the county. For decades the Port—the land along the waterfront of the Columbia River —was home to industrial companies, boat builders, and thousands of windseekers. Today, the windseekers and the unique, successful companies like Tofurky and Ryan’s Juice are still there, but now they find themselves amid a family park, a fully paved riverfront walking path, newly constructed kiteboarding and windsurfing launches, one of Oregon’s best new breweries, a brand new hotel, and enough positive energy and stoke to make anyone happy.

The Hood River Waterfront is thriving. Dining options and ideal picnic locations line both sides of Portway Avenue. There is still ample parking for all your windsurfing, kiting, SUPing, or paddling river access, but now the whole family can find hours of varied enjoyment along the river in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Jen Jones

The Heights

The Heights of Hood River is a family friendly neighborhood with beautiful Mount Hood views to the south and Mount Adams views to the north. Indian Creek and the Hood River helped carve this livable community between Downtown and the orchard filled Hood River Valley. Shops, services and small businesses line 12th and 13th Streets, and Providence Hospital anchors The Heights, next to historic May Street Middle School and the outdoor community hub, Jackson Park.

Once dated buildings and homes have been updated or replaced in rapid succession in recent years, leaving The Heights a charming, eclectic mix of historic Hood River homes and landmarks with beautiful, newly built homes worked elegantly into the neighborhood.

If you are looking for a home for the family, seeking an amenity, or heading for the swimming pool, you will find yourself in The Heights. Thanks to the continued efforts of long time residents and business owners, accented by the flourishing community of new business owners and transplants, The Heights will continue to be one of the best places to live and play in Oregon.

Michael Peterson


West Cascade is both a beautiful community neighborhood just west of Downtown and a commercial hub not far from I-84. It is the gateway to the western Hood River wineries and the home of many Hood River service companies, company headquarters, office space, hotels, restaurants, and stores.

On the north side of I-84, along the shore of the Columbia River, are several river’s edge lodging options, including the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel, which sits along a waterfall pouring about 90 feet down to the river below.

A skate part and Frisbee-golf course add to the family fun of West Cascade, where it seems a new family home is going up every day. West Cascade has seen many changes for the best in recent years as Hood River’s population has expanded to the west. The neighborhood is livable, clean, and safe, with quick access to just about anything you could want or need.