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Relocation Information

Hood River County is much more than a tourist destination—it’s a great place to live. Whether you’re looking to retire in a sunny Northwest spot with lots to do or seeking small-town safety and friendliness for your family, Hood River County has it all. Hood River County offers a high quality of life: economic opportunity, friendly people, clean air and streets, quality health and social services, and good schools—all the safety and health of a small town. Its mild climate, family recreational activities, and welcoming community make this one of the most livable places in the Pacific Northwest.


County population: 21,883  |  City of Hood River population: 6,710

Gender Percent
Female 50.7
Male 49.3
Age Percent
<10 15.8%
10s 12.7%
20s 16.0%
30s 16.3%
40s 15.2%
50s 8.2%
60s 5.9%
>70 9.9%
Relationship Status Percent
Single (Males/13.4 Females/9.7) 23.1%
Widowed 7.9%
Divorced 13.5%
Married 55.5%

Income Levels:

Median household income: $31,580
Total households : 7,248
Average household size: 2.38

Types of Workers:

Private wage or salary: 76%
Government: 15%
Self-employed, not incorporated: 9%

Hood River County has friendly people. Some of the best of the old-fashioned small-town American values are alive and thriving in Hood River County. The area towns have grown slowly and steadily over the last 50 years, welcoming new residents and tourists alike. The service here is friendly and familiar, and neighbors are, well, good neighbors.

Hood River County offers major services. We have a renowned hospital and a wide variety of general practitioners and specialists in medicine, dentistry, and vision. In addition, it is only an hour by freeway to the major metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon with additional hospitals and the Oregon Health Sciences University. Here you’ll also find convenient shopping of all types.

Hood River County offers fine education. Education is well supported by the communities of Hood River County. The County has one school district, with five elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and one K-8 school (as of the 2009-2010 school year). Elementary schools include kindergarten through grade 5, the two middle schools include grades 6 through 8, and HR Valley High School serves grades 9 through 12. Horizon Christian School in Hood River has been providing quality Christian education for families in the Columbia Gorge area since 1977. Columbia Gorge Community College serves local older teens and adults in both a variety of associates-degree programs and non-degree adult education programs. View more information on Hood River County’s education.

Hood River County has extensive arts and culture. From weekend festivals to wine tastings, art galleries to creative workshops, bookstores to upscale restaurants, water sports to mountain sports, Hood River has it all.

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