Welcome to Spectacular Hood River County When we tell people we live in the Columbia River Gorge, the word we hear most often is “lucky.” Anyone who has been to this part of Oregon knows that the scenery here is spectacular—we’re talking jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets, vast landscapes with fields of wildflowers framing snow-capped mountains, and an ever-changing river with massive rock formations that reflect the light in ways that are new with each season.

Hood River County is one of those places you can’t forget once you’ve visited. If you’re looking for a quiet, small town; exciting water, land, and snow sports; a rural experience; or a foodie heaven—or maybe all of the above—you’ve come to the right place. Clean air, farm-fresh foods, local wines and craft beers, great outdoor recreation, wonderful shopping, and four incredible seasons—with spring blossoms, warm and windy summers, lush fall colors, and snowy winters. It’s the best of everything all in one place.

So what could possibly top all of that? The people. You simply can’t find more interesting, dynamic, involved, and creative people than those who live here in Hood River County and the Gorge. Artists, sports enthusiasts, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, top chefs, outdoor experts—the list is a long one. Every time you visit you’re sure to meet some of these amazing folks, and get to know a few of the people we are fortunate enough to call neighbors.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Lucky indeed.